Your Journey to Landscape Photography

In this journey, we are to going strip away all the complexity and hard craft of photography and show you how to take amazing photos standing on your head. From the enthusiast photographer to the camera novice.  We are going to give you the confidence to take those photos and the insider knowledge to be a great landscape photographer. We are going to show you simple and accessible landscape photography techniques in making fantastic photos that you can easily take anywhere. We will be holding you by the hand and guiding you through the process from using a point and shoot camera to capturing that prefect sunset photo using your SLR. Welcome to Landscape Photography 101.

Landscape Photography

Landscape photography displays spaces within your universe, sometimes massive and everlasting, but other times minuscule and tiny. Landscape photographs naturally seize the existence of the natural landscape or environment, but can also focus on artificial man-made structures.

“All the cycles of life are beautiful.” - Eliot Porter

Conveying the landscape

A worthy landscape photo ought to make a connection with the spectator, and convey a feeling. May it be the majestic wonder of a setting sun on a beach that will remind your audience about that one sweet summer day, or to help them decide that their next travel destination will be on a beach with a gorgeous sunset, or to encourage other 1st time landscape photographers to mimic that very same shoot and improve their landscape photography skills.

Mindset of a Landscape Photographer

Landscape photography is not merely about capturing photos of beautiful locations – the reality is that you will need to cultivate a skill where in you find beauty in your day to day environment. To look at life as if your viewing everything behind the lens. May it be the natural effects of sunrise over the rice field or the front lamps of a dozen cars on a busy Friday night.

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Landscape Photography 101

Things you need to know as a beginner.

As you start your journey to landscape photography. You need not bother yourself with all the complexities of photography. Change your focus and stop thinking of questions that may hinder the development of the potential skill that you will acquire through this journey. Questions such as; What camera will I use? What is the best lens for Landscape Photography, Will I use an expensive SLR? Will a point and shoot camera do that trick? What application will I use on my smartphone to improve my picture? What are the ideal settings of a camera for landscape photography? Do I need to buy a new camera? The fact is, as you are just beginning your journey you have to keep it simple and enjoyable. At this point whatever camera you have, it will suffice. And that is the only thing that you need for the time being. And all the questions you have in mind, you will eventually unlock as your progress and improve your skills, and in that process your will learn what works for you.


Lighting is one essential factor not only landscape photography, but also photography as a whole. It can depict your deepest emotion from joyfulness to sadness. Imploring simple lighting conditions is  another that you can hone and practice your skills as a beginner in landscape photography.

Vantage Point

Vantage point and angles is an important ingredient in a good Landscape photograph, and photographing your subjects from unexpected angles is a simple way to add emotion and a sense of astonishment. As a beginner the first step that you will need to do is to spot and snap potential subjects from an eye-level, straight-ahead point of view. We look down from a mountaintop, out at the sea or look up at skyscrapers. By exploring your subjects beyond foreseeable first impressions, you can create new and astounding configurations.

We are a team of enthusiast photographers, travelers and foodies that believes in the concept of making things simple. If we can incorporate simple ideas to a complex art form, then we would be able to encourage people to join us in our passion, and with that concept we created this site. The Landscape Photography 101 team is aimed guide everyone through the process of discovering the photographer in each one of us by using simplistic and worry free techniques.

Our journey started out fairly simple. Yet as Steve Jobs once quoted, "Making things simple is a very complicated process". And yes this is very true in photography. Some time ago while on the process of learning the basics of photography such as knowing your ISO settings, shutter speed, lighting conditions, angles and what not. We thought to ourselves if there is a way to simplify the learning process, we can encourage more and more people to dive into landscape photography. Thus Landscape Photography 101 was born.

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