Making your Landscape Photography experience worthwhile, by keeping it simple!

Our Team

We are a team of enthusiast photographers, travelers and foodies that believes in the concept of making things simple. If we can incorporate simple ideas to a complex art form, then we would be able to encourage people to join us in our passion, and with that concept we created this site. The Landscape Photography 101 team is aimed guide everyone through the process of discovering the photographer in each one of us by using simplistic and worry free techniques.

Our Story

Our journey started out fairly simple. Yet as Steve Jobs once quoted, "Making things simple is a very complicated process". And yes this is very true in photography. Some time ago while on the process of learning the basics of photography such as knowing your ISO settings, shutter speed, lighting conditions, angles and what not. We thought to ourselves if there is a way to simplify the learning process, we can encourage more and more people to dive into landscape photography. Thus Landscape Photography 101 was born.